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Things to See on Your Holidays in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia and borders Afghanistan in the south, Uzbekistan in the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north and the people's republic of China to the north. It is a vast country. Citizen of Tajikistan speak the Tajik language and have culture and history of the Persian people.

It became a constituent Republic of the Soviet Union in the 20th century. Tajikistan is a very remote area located on the southern tip of the former Soviet Central Asia. It is no doubt a good place for the tourists. Alpine mountaineering, rock climbing, camel riding, horse riding, hiking, trekking, cultural experiences and historical explorations are all possible here.

South Kyrgyzstan

Peaks of Pamir, Peak Somoni, Peak Lenin, peak Korzhenevskaya prove to be enthralling for all mountaineers. Walking, climbing and enjoying views of the Lakeland landscape is very famous while on Mount Alpine. There are some valleys which have enthralling history. Previously there were four roads which passed straight through the Pamir and Fann mountains. There are remains of the Sogdian civilization as well as Hindu, Buddhist and Christians found here. Some art and architecture is also found here like the statue of Lenin. The tallest artificial dam known as the nurek hydroelectric dam is found at this place.

Tajikistan is no doubt a very nice place to voyage but there are some obstacles to cross before you reach it. The first problem is applying for your visa any way this is much easier than it used to be and can now be achieved quite easily.

Even though the area is very small, the climate is variable because of the vast topography. Summers are very hot production it a great sun holiday destination. But while summer the mountains are cool and this is best time for trekking or hiking. Spring season is the best season and winters are considerably mild. Takiki is the main language of Takikistan, the Citizen here also understand and speak Russian and the third language spoken is Uzbek.

A visit to Tajikistan will be very enthralling and especially so to those Citizen who love trekking, climbing and hiking-for them this country could prove first-class. In Tajikistan, the national sport is wrestling which is also called the Gushtin Geri. There are guides available at Tajikistan who accompany the tourists and introduce them to the culture of Tajikistan, the lifestyle of the Citizen and assorted other sites and scenes.

At the mouth of the Pamir, the gorges and Canyons are also found. There are 947 rivers found. Amu darya, Syr darya, Zerav shan, vakhsh and Panj are the largest rivers found here. There are also some lakes in Tajikistan. The largest lake being Karakul and the deepest lake is lake Sarez. In the north, there is the Fergana hallow which is surrounded by kuramin ridge, the vakhsh and the hissar plains.

Things to See on Your Holidays in Tajikistan

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