Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Most costly Countries for abode

The World Bank has published a article on the state of world's economies. The article (entitled 2005 International Comparison agenda initial Global article Compares Size of Economies) compares data for the year of 2005 and includes statistics on 146 states. The article has also compared price level in different countries and identified the most and the least costly countries on the basis of this calculation. If the price level makes up 100 points, it means that it is identical to that of the Usa. If the price level exceeds 100 points, the country is more "expensive" than the Usa. If it is less than 100 points, the country is less "expensive". The median statistical world's price level makes up 81 points.

The top five of the most costly countries for abode and company includes Iceland (154 points), Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Ireland. The Usa with its 100 points has occupied the 20th position in the world, compliancy to France (115 points), Germany (111 points), Japan and Great Britain (118 points each).

South Kyrgyzstan

Price level of Russia makes up 45 points, Kazakhstan - 43 points, Georgia - 41 points, Armenia - 39 points, Belarus - 36 points, Azerbaijan and Moldova - 35 points, Ukraine - 33 points, Latvia and Lithuania - 53 points each, Estonia - 62 points.

The cheapest life is in Tajikistan (24 points), Ethiopia, Gambia and Kyrgyzstan (28 points) and Bolivia. For comparison, Saudi Arabia has got 64 points, Egypt - 28 points, Venezuela - 55 points, Sweden - 124 points, Turkey - 64 points, Israel - 83 points, Czech - 60 points, India - 33 points, Iran - 30 points, China - 42 points.

Such ratings each year sway the macroeconomy of many developing countries, because of the usage of this data in the making ready of risk pathology for the investments. Therefore the authorities of these countries are waiting for the results of these ratings and are even planning budgets depending on these positions.

The Most costly Countries for abode

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