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Adventures in Kyrgyzstan

Biking adventures in Kyrgyzstan

Day 1: Europe-Bishkek

South Kyrgyzstan

Arrive in Bishkek. Change to Bishkek (35 km-30 min). After breakfast sight-seeing tour of Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. From 1926 to 1991 the city was known as Frunze named after the Bolshevik troops leader Mihail Frunze. After the independence it was renamed Bishkek. Visiting Ala-Too Square, the main square of Kyrgyzstan, The State Historical Museum, providing different founds and exhibits relating to the Kyrgyz history, Old Square, Manas square called after Kyrgyz legendary hero Manas, "Zum" shopping town where you can buy different souvenirs. Lunch at a local restaurant. Visiting colorful Osh Bazaar, the main open-air store in Bishkek. Overnight in Asia Mountains Hotel*** (alt. 750 m).

Day 2: Bishkek

Issyk Kul Lake - Ottuk hamlet (200 km- 6 h along with excursions and picnic). In the morning we will leave Bishkek. On the way visiting the Burana Museum, a site of a medieval city of Balasagun, the capital of the Karahanid Kaganate, a Turkic dynasty of the 11 century. National lunch in a family, watching original horse-riding games. We will see the tradition "Beishikee saluu" which means wish of good health for the child. Then, through the Boom gorge, we arrive in the Issyk-Kul Valley at the entry to which is a desert; rainfall amounts in this region average no more than 100mm a year. Passing Balykchi, our route follows the South shore of Issyk-Kul. 22km from Balykchi, advent in Ottuk village. Overnight in tents on the beach of Issyk-kul (1606 m alt).

Day 3: Ottuk hamlet - Kochkor hamlet (bike: 90 km)

Today we drive back towards Issyk-Kul Lake and enjoy the scenery of the Tien-Shan Mountains. Drive along the southern shore of the lake. We reach village, where we can eye national traditions and customs, watch the process of making original Kyrgyz carpets and visit a handicraft museum. Also we will see and share in the process of assembling a yurt, a original felt house of nomadic people. Folk-concert. Dinner and carpet-making show. Overnight in tents.

Day 3: Kochkor hamlet - Ak Tash (bike: 62 km)

Ride by bike up to the Djalkak-Bel pass (alt.-3366-62km), the ride is of moderate mystery on dirt road in satisfactory condition. scenery in gorge is similar to tundra. We ride to the hamlet of Tura Suu, then Djer-Koekiu. We cross the rive before arriving to our camp place Ak-Tash (3030m. Alt.). Overnight in tents.

Day 4: Ak Tash - Djily Suu (bike: 60 km)

Ride to the pass Jalpak (3366m. Alt. 12 km) then descent (48km) to Korumdu valley, then Kara Saz region till the hamlet of Archali. On the way, we will see the cemetery of Utch-Bay. View of peaks Kara-Kaman, Archaly and Burkan, above the valley, have old glacial forms - smooth tops and flat slopes. Lower parts, especially along left bank of the Balgart river are hilly, covered with loose rock. scenery in gorge is similar to tundra. Overnight In tents (2800m. Alt).

Day 5 Djily Suu - Eki Naryn hamlet (bike: 62 km)

Today will be not hard day. After the hearty meal we will ride (62 km) along the Balgart river and Kichi-Naryn river to Eki-Naryn hamlet (2351m. Alt.) is situated 4km from the confluence of the Kichi-Naryn and Naryn rivers. This is very intriguing place ause only here you can see how two big rivers turn in one swift river. Overnight in tents.

Day 6: Eki Naryn hamlet - Emgek Talaa hamlet (bike: 44 km)

Ride (44 km) along Naryn river to the city of Naryn (2050m. Alt.). Easy day. Riding afternoon on the main road, then we cross the Naryn river and ride for 48km. Overnight in tent near Emgek Talaa (1780m. Alt.).

Day 7: Emgek Talaa - Moldo Ashu Pass - Song Kul Lake

Ride (21 km) from foot of the Moldo Ashu pass to Son-Kul Lake over the Moldo Ashu Pass (3243m. Alt.). There is a narrow spot where we will enter a narrow gorge with high sharp rock walls, in some places up to 200 meters. From here begins a steep ascent to the pass. Descent is shorter (11km). After arriving to the lake, we ride 4km Overnight in yurt.

Day 8: Song Kul Lake

We will cycle today about 5 hours along south bank of Song Kul Lake to the north bank of lake. You will see differences between these two banks. South bank is mountain less. There are more meadows, but it will be more intriguing to cycle along north bank causes there are more mountains covered with green-green grass and this scenery looks like from fantasy stories. We will fabricate our camp near the lake and you will have occasion to swim in lake. Shower at 3100 m. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 9: Song Kul Lake Kara-Keche gorge (bike: 65 km)

Today we will continue our trip along the north bank of lake. Yuo will see beautiful view of tundra and some time later we will begin our rising to the Kara - Keche pass. Then we will reach Kara-Keche gorge.On our way we will pass on of the Kyrgyz coal mines - is Kara-Keche coal mine.Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 10: Kara Keche gorge - Kizil Korgon

Today we will go down to the Dgumgal valley, some time later we will pass big hamlet Chaek and when we will have passed it we will make a shor break for lunch. Some time later we will enter to Kizil Korgon gorge and will ride along the Kokomeren river -is one of the tributary of Naryn river.After the not higest pass we will enter to the wide Kizil Korgon valley. One characteristic features of this valley are red mountains like in Big Canyon in Usa. We will set our camr near the bank of Kokomeren river. There is a small lake near the river with water from the river here. This is very wonderfull place. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 11: Kizil Korgon - Bishkek

Arrival in Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. On our way back home we will make a puny break for meal at the Too Ashu Pass. Two hours later we will get to Bishkek city. Accommodation. We will have sufficient time for shopping in the Cum and sightseeing. At the evening we will visit restaurant. Dance party. Overnight in a guest house.

Day 12: Bishkek - Europe

After a hearty meal your guide will accompany you to Manas airport station.

Adventures in Kyrgyzstan

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